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How to TRY TRI with confidence
-Sheath insertion-

Expected Concern

RAO (Radial Artery Occlusion)

RAO is the most frequent post-procedural complication of TRA, restricting the use of the same radial artery for future procedures and as a conduit for coronary artery bypass graft.

Recommendation for RAO reduction from consensus paper *1


RAS (Radial artery spasm) registry *2 concluded predictors of spasm are

The numbers of
puncture attempts
More than one time
The use of large sheaths
Sheath size ≥ 7Fr


Low profile system for reduction of RAO and spasm

How to use Glidesheath slender

Easy removal of coated sheath in case of spasm

Compared to uncoated sheaths, hydrophilic coated sheaths reduce the incidence of radial artery spasm. *4
Hydrophilic coated sheath reduced the sheath removal pull back force and discomfort of patients when spams happened*5

Tips & Tricks of coated sheath

Transparent surgical dressing tape can prevent slipping out the sheath during procedure.


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