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Aug 1, 2022

NEW Webinar Video Upload

Dec 17, 2021

Webinar Video Upload


Tips & Cases
Featured Product

R.A.V.I. - Radial Access for Visceral Intervention

Radial access for visceral intervention(R.A.V.I.) brings various benefits over Transfemoral Artery Access (TFA), including reduced bleeding complications, easy access site management, improved patient satisfaction and the opportunity for same day discharge.TERUMO offers various access devices and embolic agents for R.A.V.I. 1-7

Webinar Information

APAC forum on R.A.V.I.
- How to start R.A.V.I. successfully? -

Our esteemed expert faculty will help you cultivate success in radial access for visceral interventions by equipping you with the right skills and sharing the best practices.

Watch the Webinar >>

APAC forum on R.A.V.I.
- Why is there a need for R.A.V.I.? -

Discover the need to approach your procedures through radial access and learn from thought-provoking discussions with a panel of esteemed expert faculty

Watch the Webinar >>

R.A.V.I. Tips & Cases

Radial Puncture [0:48]
Tips for a Successful Radial Access for Visceral Intervention (R.A.V.I.) [1:06]
TR Band Application and Removal Guidelines Video [6:00]


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  • Revenue

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    (for FYE Mar. 2019)

  • 100 years in 2021

    (Founded 1921)

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