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Radifocus Optitorque
-TIG and Jacky shapes

Angiographic Catheter

Product Overview

Dedicated catheters for trans-radial approach for your confidence with secured diagnosis

Features and Benefits

Variety of the dedicated catheters for trans-radial approach

Depending on the patients’ anatomy or the preference

TIG I Shape
  • Standard shape for angiography from right radial approach.
  • Widely used over the world.
  • One side hole at front.
Jacky Shape
  • Designed for easy RCA engagement
  • Coaxial engagement to LCA
  • Designed for difficult dislocation when flushing the catheter.
  • Two side holes at side.
TIG II Shape
  • Designed for smooth rotation
  • Smooth engagement to LCA
  • Better engagement to the RCA.
  • One side hole at front.

*1: Trans-radial Cardiac Catheterizations Using Optitorque™ Catheters, Jared S. Corriel et al. Angioplasty.Org's "Radial Access Center"
*2: The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging (2005), Seong-Man Kim et al. DOI 10.1007/s10554-005-9029-8

Benefit of dedicated catheters for radial approach

There are several benefits comparing to two catheter strategy regarding

*3: Seong-Man Kim et al., Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. Jun-Aug 2006;22(3-4):295-303.
*4: Joan CM et al., Arq Bras Cardiol. 2019; 113(5): 960-968

Designed for good torque control and high flow


Item Specifications

Shelf life: 36 months
I.D. *
4 Fr 1.03
5 Fr 1.20
6 Fr 1.30
Flow rate
4 Fr 12ml / sec
5 Fr 21ml / sec
6 Fr 25ml / sec
Pressure limit
4 Fr 750
5 Fr 1,000
5 Fr 1,000

Customer Support

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