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Radifocus Guide Wire M

Guide Wire

Product Overview

Design Structure


  • Rigidity of the shaft is different depending on the thickness of core wire.
    ・The bigger the core wire is, more rigid the shaft is.
  • The shaft of stiff wire is twice as rigid as that of standard wire.

Tip shape

Straight-type guide wires can be advanced linearly, but may damage blood vessels.
With high selectivity, Angle-type guide wires are easily inserted into sheaths, but may damage blood vessels compared with the J-shape guide wires.
J-shape is most common, which prevents damages to vascular intima and entry into small vessels and guides a catheter safely.

Features and Benefits

Hydrophilic coating
Polyurethane jacket
with tungsten
Super elastic Ni-Ti core
Gently tapered tip
  • High lubricity with less friction
  • Smooth/rapid navigation
  • Enhanced track ability through tortuous anatomy
  • May minimize risk of vasospasm
  • Good visibility of entire wire
  • Smooth surface for hydrophilic coating
  • Ensures non-traumatic insertion
  • High durability with kink resistance
  • Excellent tip shape memory
  • Single piece construction for 1:1 torque control
  • Flexibility for easy artery navigation
  • Easy to select target vessel
  • Decrease possibility of vessel trauma

History of product launch over 35 years

Year Event
1985 The first ever Terumo Standard Hydrophilic Nitinol Guide Wire M is launched in Japan and Asian markets.
1986 Standard type of Guide Wire M is introduced to the European markets.
1987 Glidewire is introduced to the US market.
1989 Terumo creates Stiff type of Guide Wire M.
2006 Terumo creates Half Stiff type of Guide Wire M.
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General specifications

Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire covered with polyurethane containing tungsten and a hydrophilic polymer coating (M-Coat) for complete, low friction maneuverability.


Use for standard angiography in coronary and peripheral territories, catheterization, embolization, peripheral angioplasty and stenting (with or without an exchange wire), and subintimal angioplasty in small, standard or large proximal or distal vessels.

Core material Nitinol
Radiopaque jacket Polyurethane layer containing tungsten
Hydrophilic coating M-Coat™ polymer
Guidewire diameters 0.018" (0.46 mm) / 0.025" (0.64 mm) / 0.032" (0.81 mm) / 0.035" (0.89 mm) / 0.038" (0.97 mm)
Guidewire lengths 50 cm / 80 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm / 180 cm / 220 cm / 260 cm/ 300 cm / 400 cm / 450 cm
Distal flexible lengths 10 mm / 30 mm / 50 mm / 80 mm
Shaft type Standard / Half stiff / Stiff
Distal curves Straight / angled / 1.5 mm J shape / 3 mm J shape / double angulation (Bolia curve)
​Units per box 5
Shelf life 24 months
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Customer Support

At TERUMO, we don't just deliver quality medical products, we offer the resources and necessary support for them to be used to their full potential. Contact us for any assistance you may need.