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Glidesheath Slender

Hydrophilic Coated Introducer Sheath

Product overview

Expanding trans-radial access to include more patients

  • Glidesheath Slender is designed with a proprietary thin-wall technology where the outside diameter is reduced by one French size while the inner-diameter equivalent is maintained.
  • Glidesheath Slender is coated with Terumo’s proprietary hydrophilic coating, allowing for smooth insertion and removal.

Features and Benefits

Best in class hydrophilic coating & tapered tip design

The proprietary thin-wall technology and Terumo M Coat hydrophilic coating

  • Per the American Heart Association, dedicated radial sheaths with hydrophilic coating combined with smaller diameter sheaths and a tapered tip design may reduce risk of arterial spasm and radial occlusion1
  • Featuring Terumo’s proprietary hydrophilic coating, the Glidesheath Slender Sheath is the only thin-wall radial sheath on the market to demonstrate superior and consistent performance in lubricity and durability over time
  • The Glidesheath Slender Sheath is the only thin-wall sheath that demonstrated best in class performance in all of the American Heart Association’s identitified critical features that lead to reduced spasm2


Hydrophilic coating is critical to procedural sucess, Physicians need to trust that their sheath will be just as lubricous at the end of case as it is at the beginning.

The graph below demonstrates the results of recent benchtop testing. The lower the value, the more lubricious the coating. The straighter the line, the more consistent, and reliable, the performance.

Glidesheath Slender Sheath outperformed the other competitive sheaths in both key features: lubricity and lubricity over time.

Unmatched Clinical Evidence3

  • A meta-analysis of 10 clinical papers, involving 3,821 patients, demonstrated that use of Glidesheath Slender Sheath is associated with high rates of procedural success and low rates in performance related issues.
  • In studies measuring patient comfort, patients who underwent percutaneous trans-radial procedures with the Glidesheath Slender Sheath reported none to low amounts of pain.

Item Specifications

Shelf life: 30 months
Sheath Size Sheath Length Spec of GW GW length Entry Needle Needle Size
5Fr 10cm 0.018" 45cm Plastic Entry Needle (Surflo Flush)
Metallic Entry Needle
22G 35mm
22G 32mm
21G 35mm
20G 51mm
16cm 80cm
6Fr 10cm 45cm
16cm 80cm
7Fr 10cm 45cm
16cm 80cm
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